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Dave Malkoff - Television Segment Producer
Posted: 08/28/2006

Dave Malkoff

What do you do:
Segment Producer, Big Brother

Where do you work:
CBS, Los Angeles, California

When did you realize your interest in TV:
I grew up watching way too much television,all comedy. They were a huge part of my childhood. I knew every comedy on the air. I could quote you the program schedule. Good sitcoms, unlike anything else on television, are celebrated forever. I love Lucy, Cheers, Seinfeld, The Simpsons, The Brady Bunch, will be watched forever. Dramas don't do that. That's appealing to me. 

Why TV:
For me it's because my drive to succeed at what I’m
passionate about is worth doing any amount of grunt work.  I never think about it as living a dream as being a Hollywood big shot, but rather get paid for something I love to do.

How would you advise others: Try to figure out what you are interested in before coming to Los Angeles. You’re going to work your ass off, so you don’t want to work eighty hours on the set of a film if you know you want to work in television. You can't sit back with a short film or script and expect to hit the big time. You have to bust your ass or no one is going to take you seriously.