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Kimmy Gatewood - Comedian
Posted: 08/28/2006

Kimmy Gatewood

What do you do:
Guitar Comic, Improviser, Actress, Director

Chicago City Limits, all over New York City

When did you realize you could make people laugh:
It was in Girl Scouts. Doing the skits around the campfire I would play the misfit, the idiot, the jester. I teach camp now and I see kids that are funny and they don’t know it yet. You put them in these roles and they kill. Overtime, I realized it comes naturally. Eventually if you want to do it professionally you have to train yourself.

Why comedy: 
I was either going to study to be a Bio-Medical Researcher or an actor. Two very different paths were in front of me. Maybe I should have gone into Bio-Medical research, but at the same time my philosophy is I can heal people with laughter.

How would you advise others:
Invest in yourself first as a human being and then you’ll have something to talk about that’s naturally going to be funny. I find the most comically rich moments I have on stage are from things that happened to me completely outside the comedy world. Network. Go see comedy shows and talk to comedians afterwards. Tell them what a great job they did. Learn from what they are doing, love it or hate it. Don’t give up. Keep trying.