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Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Lillian Parker
Los Angeles, USA
Posted: 08/28/2006

I’m going to give you my recipe for a grilled cheese sandwich because it’s the only thing I make that I can guarantee is the best in the whole world!

Ingredients: your favorite bread (I recommend a good whole wheat or seven grain), your favorite cheese (I recommend Muenster or Colby), your favorite mustard (I recommend a Dijon or deli-mustard), tomato (sliced 1/4 inch), and butter.  If you’re feeling adventurous, maybe add grilled onion or fresh thinly sliced meat.

This is a precarious operation, but it’s worth it.  Make an awesome sandwich (I recommend mustard on one side, one slice of cheese each on both pieces, tomato enough to fill the area of the piece of bread (and the onions and meat) in the middle). Start a frying pan heating on medium/high heat.  Butter the outside of the top piece of bread, and then flip it into a pan, so the butter side is down. While it’s cooking, butter the naked side that is exposed. Use a spatula to curl up the underside and check on it – when it is perfectly browned, flip it.  Take care in noting that the second side will cook much faster than the first. When it is done, slide it onto a plate, and cut it diagonally.