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Jerk Black Beans & Rice
Conor McGowan
Missouri, USA
Posted: 08/28/2006

1 can of black beans
1/2 onion chopped
1/2 green bell pepper chopped
Jamaican jerk spice,
grated cheddar cheese

Optional extra ingredients include: chopped fresh tomatoes, canned corn, cut up fresh broccoli, a jalapeno, or zucchini. 

Start by stir frying the garlic, onions, and peppers. Add the black beans and any or all of the optional ingredients after a couple of minutes. Add the salsa and sprinkle in the jerk spice (Add as much spice as you want, but be careful it’s hot!) Cover and let simmer until the veggies like the broccoli or zucchini are cooked to your liking. In a separate pot cook the rice. Rice can be substituted with couscous if you want. Serve the beans on top of the rice and sprinkle whatever amount of cheese you want on top. 

The above serving has been known to feed one very hungry biologist after a long hard day in the field, hiking, catching birds, etc. but should be enough to feed two people on a normal day.

Prep. Time Approx: 20-30 Minutes