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Mary Harron-Film/TV Director/Screenwriter
Posted: 05/26/2011

Mary Harron

What do you do:
Film/TV Director/Screenwriter

Where do you work:

New York City and wherever her projects take her

When did you realize your interest in filmmaking:

I was a journalist for a few years, first in New York and then in England. A lot of my friends from college were working in television and I started getting interested in documentary. Eventually I got a job as a researcher in television and the first time I went into a film editing room I remember thinking this was the world I wanted to be in for the rest of my life.

Why work in this industry:

When you start filming it is so amazing to see the world you have been thinking about so long on the page finally made real. It really is magical, like a dream come to life.

How would you advise others:
It’s always good to get a job in film or television before you start directing. It’s good to be on the crew before you become the boss! Other than that I think you just have to think “By any means possible” and take any job you can that will get you experience. I also did a lot for free. I got paid virtually nothing for my first film, but it changed my life.