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DJ Z-Trip-DJ/Musician
Los Angeles, California
Posted: 10/22/2007

DJ Z-Trip

What do you do:

Where do you work:
Los Angeles, California and wherever gigs take him

When did you realize your interest in DJing:
I was probably around 15, 16. I always wanted to learn how to scratch because I thought that was incredible but I played drums and I was into music before all of that. It got to a point where people were saying things like, “You’ve got all these records why don’t you come over to my house party and play some records?”

Why work in this industry:
It’s about relating to people and communicating with people and interacting with people. It’s like once an artist makes something and releases it in to the world people latch on to it and it becomes a part of their DNA. It becomes a part of who they are and it’s the coolest thing to see how that stuff unfolds and how your music or your mix-tape or your energy can branch out and hit somebody up over in Czechoslovakia or whatever.

How would you advise others:
They have to be extremely humble and they have to have a shit-load of passion. On top of that even more dedication and at the very end of the day they need to have no expectations. My philosophy that worked for me is plan for the worst but hope for the best.