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DMC - MC/Musician
New York, New York
Posted: 03/15/2007


What do you do:

Where do you work:
New York City, in the studio & at concert venues worldwide

When did you realize you wanted to be an MC:
I really didn’t want to MC until I got my first Cold Crush tape… I was in ninth grade. When I heard the Cold Crush that really made me want to start writing rhymes. So, what I used to do was write rhymes in my black and white notebook. What I used to do when I was in the basement was I would put on the instrumentals of everybody else’s records and I used to say my rhymes over their beats.

Why work in this industry:
There comes a time in your life when something happens where you say OK, I’m going to do this, this is what I’m supposed to do. There is a time in your life when you realize that you’re the person that has to do it. There is a big reason I became DMC for those little foster kids, those adopted kids that think my mother threw me away, I’m worthless. It’s not how you got here. It’s now that you are here what are you going to do? The most important thing I am is that I’m just like you homey. I’m just like you, young girl.

How would you advise others:
Another thing I tell the guys, you don’t need permission to say and do what you want to do. They say DMC where do you see rap is going? It’s not where it’s going it’s where you are going to take it, young man.