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Jason Hsiao - Freelance TV Producer
New York, New York & Los Angeles, California
Posted: 11/15/2006

Jason Hsiao

What do you do:
Freelance TV Producer

Where do you work:
Television, New York, New York, & Los Angeles, California

When did you realize your interest in Television:
I ended up working on that show (Crank Yankers) because a friend of mine actually worked on that show and he hired me. In some ways it was a little bit of who you know. I enjoyed working on that and the producers kept me around as I showed I could do more than copies and coffees. I really enjoyed working in comedy and those were my initial connections.

Why work in this field:
You work to put together a show and you have an audience of hundreds or thousands of laughing people and it's being seen by, hopefully, millions of people. The fruits of your labor are very evident. Sometimes you get a chance to work on shows for a good cause like I worked on this concert for Katrina and a show for World AIDS Day.

How would you advise others:
Breaking into the industry takes a little bit of luck. Whatever opportunity you are given whether it's steaming a drape or having to file some production reports, do everything like you are the best at it.