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Kendo Dolar - Tour Manager
San Francisco, California
Posted: 10/09/2006

Kendo Dolar

What do you do:
Tour Manager

Where do you work:
Thud Rumble & Mixsterious, San Francisco, California

When did you realize your interest in music:
When I was in high school I did the whole mobile DJ thing, since I was a freshman. I always kind of knew because I grew up around it. Right after I got out of high school I really wanted to be in the industry.

Why does DJing appeal to you:
I really like mixing. I like party rocking. I tried all different types of thing. I tried rapping. I can’t rap. I tried to draw. I can’t draw. I tried to dance. I’m OK. I’m not the greatest at it. When it came to DJing it was something that I could actually excel at. You make people happy. You have them sing along.

How would you advise others:
My advice is to let the people know up front that the work is long and hard. The experience you get is priceless. If you really want to do it the best thing is to bone up on logistics coordination.