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Rob Dobi - Graphic Designer
New Jersey
Posted: 11/06/2006

Rob Dobi

What do you do:
Graphic Designer

Where do you work:
Full Bleed, own company, New Jersey

When did you realize your interest in graphic design:
It is funny; I don't think I ever really wanted to work as a "graphic designer”.
I always wanted to be an illustrator but once I graduated college finding work doing my silly drawings didn't quite go as planned so I had to take up more graphic design related jobs.

Why work in this field:
Just seeing kids walking down the street wearing a design of mine is cool enough. It also doesn't hurt when I see Fall Out Boy performing in front of a 30 x 40 foot illustration of mine with pyrotechnics going off in an arena. Seeing people who have tattoos of my work blows my mind.

How would you advise others:
Always make sure whatever work you do has some of your voice in it, or else you are just being one of the "yes men". If it has been done before, don't do it again.