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DMC: The King of Rock
Posted: 09/15/2006

To anyone who has ever read any of the blogs I've written on myspace or calls me a friend it is apparent how much I love hip-hop. Tuesday I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to sit down with one of the most important people in the culture. That was the day I interviewed DMC.

I spoke with DMC in a conference room of a studio hidden downtown. I couldn't believe I was awarded such a unique opportunity. I've talked to music journalists who covered hip-hop in the glory days from the 80's through the mid-nineties and their stories blew me away. I can only imagine how great it was to speak to people creating diverse and influential music in a constantly changing time. Nowadays you don't often get interviews that aren't at a press event. My writing partner and I had DMC's full attention and he took us on a tour of not only his amazing career/experiences but, spoke passionately about the state of things in the music and of the past.

I grew up listening to Run DMC on cassettes that belonged to my older brother. I saw them perform as a freshman in college. Then a few months ago I caught DMC at a club reopening. I don't think I can express in words how honored and privileged I was to sit down with him and have him engage me in discussion. It did happen though. I have a witness. And a photo of the two of us.

DMC loves this culture and he talked about the good and the bad that circulates around it. He is a great storyteller, which you should be if you are a master MC. Think about that. He acts out his stories and does different voices of characters. He rhymed for us. This in it's own right tripped me out. A legend dropping rhymes for an audience of two. This is beautiful. He speaks eloquently. He's funny. He's lived life.

DMC has had a lot of successes and dealt with a lot of hard times. That's what he latest record is about, Checks, Thugs, and Rock 'n Roll. He's dealt with finding out very late in life that he was adopted, the loss of one of his best friends (Jam Master Jay RIP), and alcoholism. All his struggles seem to have empowered him. He has now found his calling not as an MC, but in helping spread the word about adoption and foster care. He goes around the country and talks to kids about being themselves and how important life is. He is making a difference all over again.

It was truly a blessing to talk with DMC and I will never forget how gracious he was. See dreams can be fulfilled. Reach for yours now.