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DJ Neil Armstrong - DJ/Musician
New York City, New York and all over
Posted: 09/07/2006

DJ Neil Armstrong

What do you do:

Where do you work:
New York City and all over

When did you realize your interest in DJing:
The guys I looked up to were the X-Men, Total Eclipse, and Sinister. They used to come to my crib and teach me how to do patterns. They would help me out a lot. Those are the guys that I looked up to as far as wanting to emulate what they did.

Why work in this field:
We (Fifth Platoon) were always, and this goes for the turntable stuff too, we never hid our skills. If you wanted to hang out with us and practice with us we would practice. We were always about bringing the next generation up, hanging out and spreading the word, the culture.

How would you advise others:
A big chunk of your success as a DJ will be your networking or trying to get in with people who will pay you to do what you love. Whether that be calling up promoters or throwing a party yourself it’s all about getting to the people who will be able to get you money for what you do. My best advice is you just have to learn how to meet the right people.