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The Career Cookbook Inaugural Blog
Posted: 09/07/2006

Hello friends,

Welcome to the inaugural Career Cookbook blog. We interview professionals about their careers. The hope being that the stories we share will inspire you to create your own unique career paths, finding meaning and joy in work. We have spoken with musicians, comedians, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and cooks. If there are jobs you want to hear about please email us and we will do our best to track them down. That said if you know people with interesting jobs who are open to speaking with us we'd love to hear from you. Also feel free to leave comments on articles. Through feedback we will be better prepared to provide the content you like.

We also have a store with neat shirts for you to wear. If you want to help support our efforts you can purchase one. If you want to look cool pick one up. You'll be the sharpest kid in school or on the block.

We've found that learning about careers can be fun. Now is the time to find your calling. Go for gold.

The Career Cookbook Crew