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Rahiem - MC/Musician
Posted: 09/01/2006


What do you do:

Where do you work:
New York City

When did you realize your interest in music:
I knew the second I heard the Jackson 5 what I wanted to be when I grew up. I could tell immediately that they were kids like me and I was blown away by their music. It really influenced me.

Why work in this field:
Being a part of it in the beginning was all for love and all for the fun of it.

How would you advise others:
Being an artist is a really hard thing because this business is a business of peaks and valleys. You are going to have a lot of down time. You are going to spend a whole lot of time in the valley and a very short time at the peak. What you do when you are in the valley is everything and anything that you can to first of all survive, to sustain yourself because you still have to eat.