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Posted: 10/28/2008

Below is a listing of links to find out more information about the working professionals we have interviewed.

Jessica Alpert-Goldman - Entrepreneur-Handbag Designer
Want more of Jess? Have a look at her handbag designs.
Help underprivileged women with their careers though Dress for Success.

DJ Annalyze - DJ
Keep updated on Annalyze's projects. (Her web site) (Her group with Shortee) (Female turntablists) (Her myspace)

DJ Neil Armstrong- DJ
See what Neil is up to and if he is performing near you.

Periel Aschenbrand - Author/T-shirt Designer
Learn more about her T-shirts and worthy causes.

Chad Beckerman - Associate Art Director
Visit Chad's official web site.

Ricky Boscarino - Entrepreneur-Sculptor
Check out Ricky Boscarino's unique jewelry creations.

Jeff Chang - Music Journalist-Hip-Hop Activist
Find out more about his book Can't Stop, Won't Stop, and hip-hop activism for starters.
Ray Young Chu -Graphic Artist
Find out more about what Ray has cooking in his studio.
Crystal DiMiceli -Zoo Keeper
See what is going on where Crystal works.

See what DMC is up to at his official site.

Rob Dobi - Graphic Designer
See Rob's amazing designs, T-shirts, and artwork.

Kendo Dolar - Tour Manager
See what Kendo is up to here.

Domino - Music Producer
Keep updated on what Domino and the Hieroglyphics are up to.

Shepard Fairey - Graphic/Street Artist
Learn about the Obey Giant campaign and see some cool art.

Kimmy Gatewood - Comedian
To find out more about the comedy of Kimmy Gatewood and pies.

Goldenchyld - DJ
His official site.
Learn more about Goldenchyld and his crew.

Samer Hamadeh - CEO
Find insider information on careers.
Chris Hastings - Web Cartoonist
Follow Dr. McNinja and Chris here.

Laurie Keller - Children's book Author/Illustrator
Check out Laurie's books and activities.

Jarrett Krosoczka - Children's book Author/Illustrator
Have a look at Jarrett's work and listen to Punk Farm.
See how you can help sick children with The Hole in the Wall Gang.

Alan Light - Music Journalist
See how you can help the homeless living with A.I.D.S. in NYC.

Karen Lin - Music Video Producer/Filmmaker
Look at what Karen is working on.
Michelle Madhok - Entrepreneur/CEO
Dave Malkoff - Television Segment Producer
Dave's short film Golfcart Driving School is available online.

Marc 7 & Nu-Mark - Jurassic 5 Musicians
Learn more about the Hip-Hop group at their official site.

Albert Maysles - Documentary Filmmaker
See what Albert Maysles has done and what he has in store for us.
Phil Moffa - DJ/Producer/Professor
See what Phil is up to:

Barry Moser - Booksmith
Admire Barry's craft here.

Lillian Parker - Assistant
It's finally here. Experience Lillian's ukulele playing.

DJ Qbert - DJ/Musician
Follow Qbert on his adventures.

Rahiem - MC
Check out Rahiem's Burn Lounge store for music.

Rachael Ray - Cook & TV Personality etc.
Find out more about what Rachael is up to here.

Honey Rockwell - Professional B-girl
Learn more about breaking.

Robert Sabuda - Paper Engineer/Illustrator/Author
Find out about Robert, pop-ups, and how you can help with the Caucasus Children's Relief Fund.

James Schamus - Co-President etc.
Visit Focus Features and see what films they produce.

Paul Scheer - Comedian/Actor
See Paul's schedule at the UCB while surfing his website to
read about Andrew W.K., blogs, and DVD commentary for starters.

Rebecca Sherman - Literary Agent, Publishing
Find out more about the agency where Rebecca works.

Charles Tuason - Events Coordinator
Have a look at what's going on with DJs at the DMC site.

Toure - Music Journalist/Author
Find out where you can catch Toure in person, learn some writing tips, and read some of his work.

Mo Willems - Children's Book Author/Illustrator/Cartoonist
Visit your pal Mo's official site and check out his work.

Yogafrog - DJ/CEO etc. 
Learn about DJ culture here.

DJ Z-Trip- DJ/Musician
Keep up with Z-Trip's music.