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Mission Statement
Posted: 09/04/2006

The Career Cookbook Mission Statement

Finding a career is similar to creating a premium meal: you need to have the appropriate equipment along with the correct ingredients (acquired skills), a healthy portion of perseverance, an appealing recipe (a blueprint for landing the job), and a touch of spice (a way of using your distinctive skills to fulfill a job's requirements.) We believe that some elbow grease, research, and determination can lead you to the career of your choosing. Why settle for lumpy oatmeal when you can have Belgian waffles covered in berries? If you are unsure how to prepare for your dream career or feel unsatisfied in your current work situation, then The Career Cookbook can help you on your way. 

Our mission is to offer firsthand accounts of professionally fulfilled individuals highlighting their personal recipes for career success. Through the details of their stories and the (sometimes staggering) steps they took to get there, we hope to encourage you to develop a unique recipe for your own career goals.