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Paul Maniaci: Creator Intro
Posted: 09/12/2010

The idea for The Career Cookbook grew from an interview I conducted with comedy writer Neal Brennan. His thoughtful replies were candid, funny, and enlightening. He personalized his career experiences for me. Not only that, but he made me think about careers and how others often relentlessly pursue their interests.   

The Career Cookbook is a community where all are welcome to stop by and learn about an infinite array of career possibilities. Come visit and find out what professions are really like and what it takes to succeed. Then continue on your own career journey.

Do not be afraid to seek out your dreams. A recipe of hard work, persistence, and dedication will get you where you want to be.

I am supremely grateful to everyone who has assisted me and I hope that their personal stories help you on your way to achieving your career goals.


Paul Maniaci