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De La Vega - Artist/Entrepreneur
Posted: 08/31/2006

De La Vega

What do you do:

Where do you work:
New York City, New York,
the streets and whatever type of surface imaginable are his canvas

When do you create art:
I get inspiration for painting in the studio when I am sitting here looking around and thinking to myself I need a drawing up there.

Why do you communicate through art:
Everyone should learn how to draw. Words are intimidating and not everyone is able to use them. Drawings are like magic, the way they can make people smile

How would you advise others:
Young artists need to learn sensitivity. Be prepared to feel people, if they are uncomfortable. Become in tune with other people’s energies. If you want to have public dialogue some people aren’t going to like what you say. Some artists don’t understand how to be successful communicators. People don’t understand what it takes to be a successful communicator. You guys use the internet and I use my shirts.