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Shepard Fairey - Graphic/Street Artist
Posted: 08/31/2006

Shepard Fairey

What do you do:
Graphic/Street Artist

Where do you work:
Obey Giant & Studio Number One, Los Angeles, California

When did you realize your interest in DJing:
I guess 5 ½, 6 years ago. I always loved music and I did the art for that movie Scratch, which is about DJ culture and I met some of those guys who were looking through my record collection saying, dude you should be DJing. You have a lot of good stuff. I started and it became an addiction. It’s like audio-graphic design where with design you have multiple pictures and compositions and texts and textures that you could be putting together and you are trying to find the most pleasing combinations of those. It’s the same thing with stringing songs together, what mixes together. Depending on the mood, I play rock, I play funk, and I play disco.

What appeals to you about street art:
Street art to me is very pure and awesome because there is no filter on it, there is no bureaucracy. You don’t have to submit anything and wait for approval. I’m a populist. I really believe in accessibility. So street art completely bypasses everything and takes it straight to where people are in their daily life.

How would you advise others:
My advice is do not get discouraged because it takes awhile but it will definitely happen faster if you make something that stands out from the crowd. A lot of people just copy each others styles when a style is hot and that’s definitely not the way to get anywhere because you’ll always be following. You want to be leading. You want to carve out a niche for yourself that no one else is doing, is filling. So, really it’s whatever you enjoy the most as an artist is what you are going to be best at.