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Laurie Keller - Children's Book Author/Illustrator
Posted: 08/30/2006

Laurie Keller

What do you do:
Children’s Book Author/Illustrator

Where do you work:

When did you realize your interest in children’s books:
There’s a great children’s bookstore in Kansas City (The Reading Reptile) that I used to spend a lot of time in (during my Hallmark Cards years). I was blown away by all the great books! People like Lane Smith, Maira Kalman and Petra Mathers were (and still are) some of my favorites and I was very inspired by their work. I’d always loved to write and draw so it seemed like the perfect format for me.

Why work in this field:
So many things….its wonderful having a career doing something I love….that’s the main thing.  BUT, there have been so many bonuses, such as doing school visits and meeting kids. I don’t have kids of my own so it’s great to get together with them to see what makes them tick. It’s also been a big bonus to have the chance to meet other authors/illustrators I admire.

How would you advise others:
Learn as much as you can about the children’s book industry --- look at tons of children’s books to see what you like/what you don’t, take note of what publisher’s books have similar styles of writing/illustrating to yours and read books about writing (A good one: Anne Lamott’s, Bird by Bird….funny and inspirational).