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Becky Birnholz - Apparel Designer
Posted: 08/28/2006

Becky Birnholz

What do you do:
Women’s Apparel Designer

Where do you work:
Puma, Boston, Massachusetts

When did you realize your interest in designing:
I applied to a whole bunch of schools all across the spectrum and I got into RISD. I was like, “Whoa I got into the best art school in the country I should probably do something with that.” (Laughs) When I applied you can put down what you think you are going to go into and I put down apparel. In my portfolio when I submitted it I had some fashion pieces and illustrations that I did, so it was a little bit swayed that way.

Why be an apparel designer:
Part of why I went into this instead of industrial design is that it’s much faster paced in terms of a travel environment. It’s about being out when things are happening and seeing trends. Traveling and working with a lot people. It’s more of a high profile environment than it being a desk job.

How would you advise others:
If you want to do apparel design go to an art school or seek out a program like F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology), has a really good program. Or just get your foot in the door by offering up your services some place. Be an intern, whatever it takes to make the relationship, get some trust, and then work yourself in that way. There are tons of Cinderella stories in the apparel industry where people were just helping out or working in the cutting room when they needed people to help and they ended up designing stuff.