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Mo Willems - Children's Book Author/Illustrator/Cartoonist
Posted: 08/28/2006

Mo Willems

What do you do:
Children’s Book Author, Illustrator, Cartoonist

Where do you work:
New York City, New York

When did you realize you wanted to be a children’s book author/illustrator/cartoonist:
From the day I realized my desire to become a gas station attendant was
a mere pipe dream, I resolved to make my way making funny drawings.

Why work in this field:
I would make an awful lawyer. I would be a terrible doctor. In fact
there is nothing besides drawing and making jokes that I could ever do
with any degree of skill.

How would you advise others:
Write. Draw. Many authors advise that you read a lot. Sure, reading
is fine, but that just makes you a better reader. Writers write. Drawers draw.